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Getting started

Calcpad is available for both cloud and desktop on the official website http://calcpad.net. You can use it as an online programmable calculator with support for complex numbers, variables, functions and graphing.

online calculator

You can also browse the online library and find professional worksheets for solving equations or calculating areas, volumes and mechanical properties. There is also a rich collection of structural design spreadsheets to Eurocode. You can design reinforced concrete beams, columns or plates, calculate deflections and cracks, punching shear reinforcement or check the detailing requirements for RC elements.

Some worksheets are free to use, but others require subscription. You can create your account and order a subscription plan. Credit card payments are accepted via PayPal.

Calcpad is also available as a desktop application. You can download a 30-day free trial for Windows and create your own calculation programs. The desktop subscription, allows you to download worksheets from the online library and use them on your computer.

The desktop version has basic code editing capabilities and is useful for small to medium sized programs. It supports line numbering, syntax highlighting, automated white space formatting, coping and pasting, etc.

calcpad desktop

However, it is also possible to use another, much more powerful code editor such as Notepad++. It is a free and open source text editing software, with many advanced features. Download and install Notepad++ from the official website https://notepad-plus-plus.org. You can also add the Calcpad language syntax. It is defined in the Notepad++.xml file.


In the next posts, you will find detailed instructions how to set up Calcpad and Notepad++ and write your own programs.