How to add title, labels and legend to a Calcpad plot?

Calcpad does not provide options to add titles, axis labels and legends to function plots like in Excel. However, you can decorate your plots with these attributes by your own, by using a little Html.

Bellow, you can find a sample code that you can use as a boilerplate. Since chart colors are predefined, they will be the same for all your future plots:

'<div style="width:400pt;">
'<p>Label Y
$Plot{f_1(x) & f_2(x) & f_3(x) & f_4(x) & f_5(x) & f_6(x) & x_7|y_7 & x_8|y_8 & x_9|y_9 & x_10|y_10 @ x = a : b}
'<span style="float:right">Label X</span></p>
'<p><b style="color:Red">▬▬</b> Chart 1 &emsp;&emsp; 
'<b style="color:Green">▬▬</b> Chart 2 &emsp;&emsp; 
'<b style="color:Blue">▬▬</b> Chart 3</p>
'<p><b style="color:Goldenrod">▬▬</b> Chart 4 &emsp;&emsp; 
'<b style="color:Magenta">▬▬</b> Chart 5 &emsp;&emsp; 
'<b style="color:DarkCyan">▬▬</b> Chart 6</p>
'<p><b style="color:Purple">●</b> Point 7 &emsp; 
'<b style="color:DarkOrange">●</b> Point 8 &emsp; 
'<b style="color:Maroon">●</b> Point 9 &emsp; 
'<b style="color:YellowGreen">●</b> Point 10</p>

And here is how it looks inside Calcpad:

If you have less charts, you can delete the extra lines. Also, there is an option for points, if both x and y are fixed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them right away.

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